Preparations for the class


Thank you for your interest and enrollment into the Yuan-Chi Tai Chi Chuan beginner’s class. During this period you’ll learn the basics of the Tai Chi system of movements, or you could also name it „dance”. It is the first step of the journey on the way of the tao.





  •  footwear 
    • kung-fu shoes (you can find them in Decathlon) OR
    • winter socks (other footwear, mainly street footwear is prohibited)
  • clothing please wear anything comfortable you like that does not restrict you in your movements

Location: Casa Bodhisattva – str. Gutinului nr. 11 – enter the gate, go ahead, upstairs


Timeframe: every Tuesday between 18:30 – 19:20, please arrive 5-10 minutes before class if you’d like to change clothes etc..

Please exercise 5 minutes daily and if you can try to avoid 2 or more class misses in a row, it’ll be quite tough to recuperate.

During the course you’ll have the chance to:

  • improve your orientation and coordination of limbs
  • experience the flow
  • overcome stress and anxiety
  • increase your awareness


Have a great week!